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Here are a few blog posts you can simply copy and paste into your blog. Remember to insert your affiliate link into your blog posts.


Blog Post 1 - Suggested Titles:

Blog Post 1 - Content:


Blog Post 2 - Suggested Titles:

Blog Post 2 - Content:


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If you do not use an autoresponder mailing list service, we highly recommend the following:

Aweber (one of the best in the business)

GetResponse (another very good autoresponder service)


Suggested Email Subject Lines:

Email Copy 1:
*The email sender may receive compensation when recommended products and/or services are purchased. Results are unique and will vary. This is an advertisement.

Email Copy 2:
*The email sender may receive compensation when recommended products and/or services are purchased. Results are unique and will vary. This is an advertisement.


Don't have a mailing list?

Co-registration is another way of buying targeted subscribers and leads for your newsletter/ezine from a 3rd party service.

Your leads are gathered by offering something in exchange for the user's email address.

It basically involves having your subscription offer listed alongside other subscription offers, and when someone signs up for another newsletter, they are given the option to signup for yours as well without having to re-enter their information a second time.

This is one of the easiest methods to building a targeted mailing list and takes very little effort. The leads are extremely targeted because you only pay when someone joins your list and see your offer.

The co-registration service we highly recommend is:

Getresponse Marketing Power Leads

If you are not interested in building your own list, then you can also rent lists where the list owner will send your email promotion to their list on your behalf.

A popular service called The Directory of Ezines is a great place you can promote the above email copy across hundreds of different ezines that are targeted to making money from home.

In addition, here are a list of top tier sites you can buy a solo ads from in their newsletters and/or website ad spots:

Here are many 2nd tier email traffic sources and solo ad sources:


Use the banners below to insert into your blog, website, forums, newsletters or even through paid advertising such as Google image ads. You can also use them in banner exchange programs!

Here are some banner exchange programs you can start using right now:

In addition, you can also post the banners in the following ad networks:

In order to add any of our banners to your blog or website, simply copy the text featured within the HTML text boxes shown below each graphic, and paste it into the source code of your webpage or blog.


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I new fun way to help you get more sales is to simply post a funny viral image on your favorite social network sites like Facebook, Google+, or even Pinterest.

Simply go to your social network, and post one of the following image along with your affiliate link in the image description of your post.

The following images have the potential to go viral among your social friends along with your affiliate link. Simply use the download buttons below to download the image to your computer. Or, you can simply right-click and save the image to your computer.


Viral Image 1


Viral Image 2


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Here are several miscellaneous content pieces you can use right now. It's recommended to shrink your affiliate link using a link compression service. The one that we recommend is http://bit.ly

Signature Ads

You can use the following signature ads in your outgoing emails as well as in forum signature sections.

Signatures are very powerful and effective when sending emails and posting in online forums. See the forums section below on this page.



A very powerful method for earning affiliate commissions is to participate in online forum discussions and include a signature in your forum profile.

Before you start posting in forums, please review the forum's terms of service to make sure that they allow marketing on their forum.

Some forums do not allow marketing sites in signature areas and consider it as spam. It's important that you make sure you are not doing anything that may be considered spamming because that may result in getting your account shut down. Also, please note that spamming in any form is illegal and it can cause legal issues. Therefore, make sure to double-check the forums terms of service before posting.

You can find all the largest online forums in any niche at: Big Boards

Here are 100 forums we suggested trying to post your affiliate links in. For ideas on what to put in your forum signatures, use the signature ads given above.

Here is an additional list of an extra 700 forums with DoFollow and high PR rank:



Pay-Per-Click marketing is one of the fastest ways to get very targeted traffic to your affiliate links, especially in the "Amazon Affiliate Marketing" niche.

We recommend starting with Google Adwords to advertise in PPC, but we also highly recommend trying other top PPC networks to boost your advertising efforts.

Here are some targeted keywords you can use to promote the Amazon WordPress theme. These are just sample keyword lists and you should consider using these keywords as seed words for long tail keywords. Use the free KeywordOptimizerPro software to get a ton of long-tail keyword ideas.

Keywords related to "affiliate marketing" Keywords related to "amazon theme"
Keywords related to "WordPress theme" Keywords related to "blog marketing"

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Below you will find several sample ads you can use to create your own PPC ads. We highly recommend changing the ads slightly so that your ads are not flagged as a duplicate in the ad networks. To avoid lowering your ad quality score and costing your more per click, you should slighty change the following sample ads. In doing so, it will increase your Click-Through-Rates ( CTR ) and overall profits per campaign.

Sample PPC Ads

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Article #1 Title:

Article #1 ( SpinTax Version )
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Article #2 Title:

Article #2 ( SpinTax Version )
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Thanks for your kind interest and we look forward to sending you TONS of affiliate commission cash!,

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